White Lipped Tree Frog, Litoria infrafrenata


White lipped tree frog posing

Mr and Mrs

Mr and Mrs

Get a room

A private moment between two frogs.

Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing classes.

Intimate embrace

An intimate imbrace , a private moment

A Green Scene

White lipped resting on a mangrove leaf, camoflagued well

Be careful to stand...
Working out
Pole dancing perfect...
Trying out some new...

White lipped tree frog trying some brown lip therapy

Frog on the back of...

Frog on the back of a crocodile. White lipped tree frog, wet tropics , Daintree

Colour variation of...

Colour variation of the white lipped tree frog , Liroria infrafrenata

Peek a boo
Catwalk strut
Smooth operator