Will I see crocs?

We have about a 99% success rate with spotting crocodiles. The small ones are very reliable but the big ones come and go. Even when the big ones are around, they can hold their breath for several hours! Successfull spotting depends on many factors, low tide is usually better as there are more beaches and less water to hide in.
The weather plays a role; crocs are happy when they are warm so if the water is cold they get out, if the water or the sun is very warm, they stay in but are more active. The Daintree River is a natural wild environment and we cannot guarantee wildlfe, but we usually see something interesting and the scenery is always stunning.

Do you guarantee crocs?

The Daintree river is not a zoo and it is illegal to feed the crocodiles so we cannot 100% guarantee we will see one. The most difficult time is in summer on a high tide, but we can always find one at low tide. If you are unlucky enough to miss out on a croc, you may come back for a free cruise sometime in the next few days.
Only available if we are doing a cruise and there are some free seats (which is very likely in the summer).

What is the best time to see crocodiles?

The winter is the best time to see crocodiles up on the banks. At other times, low tide will give you a better chance. As crocodiles are in the wild, anything is possible on any cruise.

What can I see besides crocodiles?

Besides beautiful scenery including Mangroves and World Heritage Rainforest, there are many posibilities for other wildlife to be seen on the Daintree River.

Is it Safe?

Solar Whisper is under survey and equiped with all the required safety gear. We do not feed the wild crocodiles in Queensland as it is illegal, so they don't associate the boat with food.
Our guides have many years of experience and can read the body language of the crocs and judge how close we can get while staying safe.
Our boat is bigger than all the crocodiles so they leave us alone. The wildlife does, however, get accustomed to us looking at them and there is a certain amount of trust which allows us great photographic opportunities.

How long is the cruise?

The cruise duration is 1 hour. We cruise some of the main river and also into small world heritage rainforest creeks. The size and design of Solar Whisper allows us into narrow creeks that most of the larger boats cannot access. We cruise at a leisurely pace so we don't miss a thing.

Do you provide transfers?

We do not provide transfers. Most people hire a car and drive themselves up and also check out Mossman Gorge, the Daintree Coast or Daintree Village.

Do I have to book?

It depends on the time of the year, but to be sure of not missing out, bookings are recommended.

Does the boat have a roof?

It gets hot here in the tropics and a roof is necessary for protection from the sun. The boat still offers great viewing oppourtunities of the wildlife.

Will I be able to take good photographs?

Yes, we get very close to the wildlife (while staying safe), but the bigger the zoom, the better.